3Geo NORM Waste

About Us

3Geo NORM WASTE works in partnership with 3Geo Consultoria, especially in activities involving the occurrence of radionuclides, generated in the mining, metallurgy and oil & gas industry.

To establish a trusted relationship between 3Geo NORM Waste, employees, partners and customers, searching for better results in the management of radioactive materials, we associate innovative technical expertise in accordance with the rules and we look for answers to meet the demands that emerge from operating activities offshore and onshore, in progress.

Our innovative approach allows us to offer advanced technical solutions, to guarantee excellence in results, and to fill the gaps in providing services of management, treatment and final disposal of NORM and TENORM waste.

We understand that to maintain the quality of our processes and products, it is necessary to have a team of consultants and partners able to overcome the international market competitiveness, respect the high standards of our customers and add efforts to solve complex problems.

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